Play on Words -
"My life was changed by Play on Words. Zoe helped my children to talk to each other without yelling or fighting. Homework is now a breeze. I actually enjoy talking to my kids!"
Satisfied parent, Brisbane.
"I was so stressed out looking for schools, sorting tutors, planning extra-curricular activities. Zoe was a God-send! She helped me work out what really mattered, focus and plan and even relax and get some perspective. Everyone with kids should book some sessions with her."
Mother of three, Kensington
."The best club I've ever done."
Year 4 Student.
"Play on Words is great. We did loads of role plays, word and speaking games and practised listening and arguing different points of view. I wanted to do it every day!"
Year 6 student - Daniela Latymer - Our Lady of Victories School, Kensington.
"Before I started "Express Yourself" I never wanted to put my hand up in class. After a few workshops I realised I had so much to say and I wasn't scared anymore."
Former participant - now Year 11 student at Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.
"The energy and enthusiasm the children feel for Express Yourself is overwhelming. Zoe deftly blends learning with fun as she imparts excellent training in comprehension, socialisation and communication. Both children and parents have been delighted with her club."
Mrs Sarah McBennett, Headteacher, Our Lady of Victories School, Kensington.
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