Play on Words -
About Us
Play on Words was established in 2008 to help young people enhance their confidence and inter-personal communication skills. Since then demand has increased for workshops and consultations to help with interview skills and study strategies, dealing with bullying and family issues and to help clients plan for secondary school, university and the world of work. "Parents only" sessions as well as "parent and child" consultations offer bespoke and targetted assistance for communication and other issues.
Play on Words is run by Zoe Copley, mother of three, Australian barrister, executive coach and author of four books, including a novella and a picture book for children. Zoe is a graduate of the University of Cambridge (LLM) and University Queensland (BA/LLB History, University Medal) and holds a Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Zoe draws on four years of drafting complex tax legislation, 10 years providing structured tax advice and over 6 years as a coaching and learning facilitator to corporate and personal clients to bring a fresh and intelligent approach that brings out the best in parents and their children.
Zoe is highly approachable and understanding. Whatever the issue - be it confidence and resilience, bullying, interview skills or exam preparation - she brings a unique blend of down to earth and pragmatic rigour to helping children meet their potential.
Zoe also has a sophisticated understanding of the challenges faced by parents today - setting boundaries, facilitating learning, juggling work and relationships, and communicating clearly and purposefully with their children, schools and other parents.
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